What We Believe at St Andrew's

At St. Andrew's our faith, trust and commitment is to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God our Saviour. The 20 Articles of faith, the official doctrine of the United Church of Canada, accurately describes the God who calls us and the mission he has given us.  Here they are in their entirety:

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Our Minister

Rev. Brian WilkieRev. Brian Wilkie:

"I've been part of the Saint Andrew's congregation since 2005, employed half-time with the church. During these years, I've also worked building fences and decks, installing alarm systems, offering premium consumer technical support for Dell Computers, and driven a school bus for a great bunch of kids in Orleans.

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Jacquie Hawken, Music Coordinator

I am a retired Grade 8 teacher, with lots of volunteer experience as choir director, accompanist, and church musician. My husband, Bill, served in the Canadian Military for many years, so it was often my privilege and pleasure to work with both Catholic and Protestant Chaplains on various bases in Canada and overseas, to co-ordinate their music programs. "Making a joyful noise unto the Lord" is a favourite pastime of mine, but the joy is magnified when others join in. If you have a favourite hymn, or would like to work with us as part of the choir, or if you can bring a musical gift to the worship program at the church, please contact me on Thursday evenings at 7 during choir practise, on Sunday mornings, or through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .