Rev. Neil Baxter

Rev. Neil BaxterFor decades, Rev. Neil Baxter, has been a part of our mission to the Clarence Rockland Community.

Rev. Baxter rejoined us in 2010 to continue his ministry in counseling and out reach, and has been volunteering wherever he can apply his skills and experience to serving the Lord with us.

At the end of 2016, Neil withdrew from ministry activities for health reasons. We hope and pray that he is able to re-rejoin us in our fellowship together when his health and the weather improve.

Here is a bit of background for those who did not experience Neil’s Ministry prior to his retirement.

"Today I feel like the Prodigal Son, for with great joy and excitement I have returned to Rockland Saint Andrew’s.


“I began my journey in ministry in 1968. As a student of McGill University in Montreal I was placed by the church in Thurso, Quebec to look after two congregations, one English, one French.

"After Ordination I was moved to Rawdon, Quebec where again I served two churches, Rawdon and Joliette. Later I accepted a call to Beloiel and Otterburn Park. Five years later I took a leave of absence from the church and opened a retreat centre to serve those who could not afford the cost of a retreat. On behalf of the Province of Quebec we ran week long retreats for newly divorced and separated Francophone moms with their children. Every summer we also ran ten to fifteen day retreats for the residents of the Miriam School for retarded children.

"After five years of this work I returned to congregational ministry, and accepted a call to the Cumberland Pastoral Charge. This Charge included St. Andrew’s in Rockland, St. Andrew’s in Cumberland, and the Navan-Vars congregation. I served this Charge from 1983-1999, when I reached what was then the mandatory retirement age of 65.

"All the years after ordination I continued studies in various disciplines of counseling. So upon retirement I was invited to join the Cumberland Medical Clinic as a staff counselor. I have also assisted Rev. Keith Brown in the Russell-Kenmore congregations, and finally ended up in Manotick United Church as Director of Spiritual Care and Counseling until December 2010.

"I am truly pleased to be here, and if we can assist you in any way it will be a great joy to do so."


Neil Baxter.