Triennial Presbytery Oversight Visit

On Tuesday, October 21, 2014, a team from Presbytery will visit for a sort of Health Check for our congregation. They will meet with our staff first, then with the Personnel Committee, and then with the congregation. The time for the Congregational meeting is 7:00pm.

Our friend Rev. Kathryn Peate, Chair of Pastoral Oversight sent the following list of questions, and this preface:

Attached are the questions that PC&O will be asking when we come visit your church.  Hopefully nothing is threatening - it's certainly not meant to be :)  Since the list of questions for the council/board/congregation is lengthy, my hope is that the PC&O team leader will shorten the list for time's sake.

Pastoral Care and Oversight Committee Questions for Ministry Site

Presbytery:  Ottawa

Ministry Site: St Andrew’s Rockland

Date of Visit: October 21, 2014

1. Think about your church's life over the past three years. Please tell us about some of the good memories from that time.


2. Over that same time period, are there any frustrating events which occurred that you would like to share with us?

3. What do you see as being your Church‘s challenges in the next few years?

4. Tell us about the Worship life of your ministry site (eg. services, special services). Do you follow the common lectionary? Do you use Voices United and More Voices in your Worship experience, any other resources? Who is involved in the worship planning? How often do you celebrate Holy Communion? Does this meet your needs? Do you have a Baptismal policy? Who decides? Is there preparation for parents / guardians of those to he Baptized? How are people prepared for Confirmation? Do you have a marriage policy? Who decides? What preparation is offered to couples? What special services have been held this past year?

5. Caring for each other is part of our Christian mission. How does pastoral care happen in your congregation?

6. Tell us about your Christian Education programs (children, youth, adults).

7. Church Governance:

i.                     What kind of governance structure is in place in your pastoral charge (Council, Official Board, Unified Board)‘?

ii.                   If it has been changed in recent years, has it been approved by Presbytery? Are there any difficulties with it?

8. Does your pastoral charge have a mission and/or vision statement?

i.                     Is it visible (i.e., in the bulletin, up on a wall)?

ii.                   is it still appropriate for your ministry site today?

iii.                  Do you review it on a regular basis?

9. How are the goals and priorities set for your pastoral charge?

i.                     Do you have the resources to achieve them?

ii.                   Are they still appropriate to who your congregation is today?

10. Ministry and Personnel Committee:

i.                     How often does the Ministry and Personnel Committee meet?

ii.                   Does the Ministry and Personnel Committee report to the Council/Board?

iii.                  How is pastoral care offered to the minister/leadership?

11. Tell us about communications within your ministry site?. How do you keep informed? (eg. newsletters, bulletin, committee news)

12. In what ways does your congregation reach out to the community?

13. Your Minister(s) attends Presbytery. You also have Presbytery delegates.

i.                     In What Ways do they fulfil their responsibilities to the wider church (committee work, leadership, attending Presbyter meetings, Conference Work)?

ii.                   How are you kept informed of the work of the Wider church (Presbytery, Conference, General Council, Mission and Service Fund, etc.)?

iii.                  Tell us about your relationship to Mission and Service. Is there an annual Stewardship or Financial campaign? If not, when was the last campaign?

iv.                 How do you View your participation in supporting the work of the wider church in Canada and elsewhere?

v.                   Are there ways in which Presbytery can support your ministry site (Workshops, courses, information)?

i.                     ví. Is there any help you need from Presbytery right now?

vi.                 Do you have a manse or housing allowance? Are both kept up to date?

14. Faithful Footsteps:

i.                     Has the Board/Council done a risk assessment process with respect to the church and its ministries?

ii.                   Is your church insurance adequate?

iii.                  ls your church fully accessible arid inclusive?

15. 1f you are part of a multi-point charge, what is the relationship between the congregations?

16. How do you resolve any conflict or in the past, how have you dealt with conflict?

17. How is your financial Health?

18. Are you up to date with your Presbytery Assessment?

19. Is your Joint Needs Assessment Process up to date?

20. Do you have any ministry in French?

21, Can the Presbytery and Conference be a support to you in your ministry, such asworkshops, specific training, etc?

22. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?