Just last week, Full Bellies began using Pangborn Hall as a distribution point, weekly on Thursdays..

Full Bellies buys produce in bulk and provides it at low cost through weekly distribution.  They are committed to helping people get good nutritious food in this time of inflation.  Shoppers can book a time online to come and fill a box with produce, in a $10, $20 or $40 size.  (please bring bags or boxes to carry your produce home!)

Everyone struggles to stretch their budget as prices rise, and sizes shrink. Saint Andrew's is especially pleased to offer our hall to Full Bellies, on a trial basis, because of their commitment to making sure no one goes without just because their wallet is too thin. We know that young families, seniors, and those with low income can benefit even more than most. 

For more information, please visit FullBellies.ca or check them out on Facebook!