Rockland St. Andrew’s Christian Men’s Fellowship

The "Men's Breakfast" is held the Fourth Saturday of each month at 9:00 am

(Except July and August)

Our Purpose is to encourage personal excellence, honesty and integrity.

Our Group is open to all men.

Our goals are to strengthen our commitment to our Lord, our families, one another and our faithfulness.

May we learn to love wastefully/extravagantly.

Should this fellowship have a supporting prayer let it be similar to the following in its depth and width:

God, our Father, who sent your Son to be our savior; renew in us day by day the power of your Holy Spirit; that with knowledge and zeal, with courage and love, with gratitude and hope, we may strive powerfully in your service: may He keep our vision clear, our aspiration high, our purpose firm and our sympathy wide; that we may live as a faithful soldier and servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.


God Bless