Renewing Love

I was performing a wedding recently, and I realized that many of the guests had a second reason for being there. Of course they were there to celebrate, encourage and support the young couple in their marriage, but they were also there to be renewed in their own relationships. You could see couples holding hands and glancing at each other with that “Remember when?” look.

Weddings begin a journey for the couple at the front, but they also can strengthen the couples in the seats. Not only that, they might plant a seed in the hearts of some who haven't been thinking of marriage yet.

Love needs renewal, and we, the children of God know it more than most, for we are called to love all people, with all our hearts. Love needs quiet times of prayer, love needs the example of others, love needs the Word of Scripture, joyful celebrations, and even the mourning of funerals to remember our goal and renew our hope.

Several times each week we gather to remember Jesus, to examine our heart health, to learn new lessons and draw near to the author and perfecter of our faith.

Everyone gets discouraged: sometimes love is hard to find, hard to hang onto; then you go to a wedding or a worship service and find a reason to forgive or apologize and start anew.

Not a week goes by without someone coming to church a little frayed and frazzled. Maybe you've been that person looking for a little hope. Maybe you've been the one showing patience and understanding to a frazzled mom, or a tired senior. God calls us to come as we are, to seek him among his people and find there the grace that He supplies. See you there!