The Gospels in 40 days Matthew 2

Matthew 2

Here's another surprise: Foreign Nobility attending the birth of the Saviour. The name Magi may have you thinking of mystics or magicians, and sure enough they are astrologers, practising an art forbidden to the people of God. Yet God in his mercy uses even this useless, deceptive form of fortune telling to lead the wise men to Jesus. It's clear that they go through a transformation - the star proves insufficient, They must consult the scriptures to finish their journey. And after they encounter and worship Jesus, they don't follow stars anymore, but led by God's messenger they evade Herod's trap, and journey home under God's direction.

The gifts that are mentioned (Maybe there were also some more practical things like diapers and blankets!), Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, do signify for Matthew the triple role of Jesus as King and Priest and Sacrifice - look at the words of "We three Kings." Did you notice that the bible doesn't mention how many Magi were there? We think of Three Kings, because these three gifts are mentioned.

The new family goes into exile - Jesus is hunted by a wicked and paranoid King. Whether Herod thinks there is a new born king or not he's going to show everyone that he won't tolerate and rivals or rebellions.  Jesus is kept safe, to die another day. And when he does die he will have in sight the salvation of those innocents and their grieving parents, who lost so much to the evil in the world.

How did you come to Jesus? so many have met him going places they should never have gone - like the astrologers God met them in the midst of their sin and error - while lost in addiction, stuck in jail, or pursuing gods of pleasure, vengeance and greed. God meets us where we are, and brings us to a better place. Thank you God, for finding us when we were lost.