The Gospels in 40 days Matthew 6

Matthew 6

Real goodness:

Some people give to look good, some people give to feel good. God wants us to actually do good. Real goodness is not done for a reward here and now, it is done to bless your neighbour. Were you hoping for a bag of Gold in heaven? a bigger mansion? I have a sneaking suspicion that even in heaven our reward will simply be the joy of knowing that God used our little good deed to actually do some eternal good.

Some people pray to look super spiritual or insightful or eloquent or wise. Some people gossip through prayer. Some people publicly show off their dislikes or disagreements through prayer. We even instruct and preach and make public statements through prayer. But real prayer is God directed. No surprise here that God is not pleased when we pretend to talk to him, but are really using him to show off to others.

And though fasting is not as common as it once was (more’s the pity!), showing off your goodness by spiritual practices –fasting, going to church, worshipping, etc – to be seen by others is to seek applause rather than seeking God. You’ll only receive that applause, you will not receive the true reward, which is God’s presence.

Real Goodness leads to real treasures – not earthly riches but the joy of God’s Kingdom.

Jesus goes on to teach that our focus on the kingdom must extend beyond reforming spiritual practices, but should permeate every pursuit – you can trust God to provide what is truly needed so you can pursue his Kingdom with abandon and find anxiety-free faith and peace.

Jesus, we twist so many good things in order to gain things for ourselves. Can we die to pleasing ourselves and live to truly please God?