The Gospels in 40 days Matthew 7

Matthew 7

Do not Judge: The word hypocrisy comes from ‘hypo’ meaning ‘under’ and ‘Krites’ meaning you judgement.  “do not judge, you who are under judgement!” Isn’t ironic that people who take this verse out of context are judging the people whom they tell not to judge?

In this context Jesus is saying be careful of how you judge and why you judge. Are you condemning others for having faults, when you yourself do the same or worse? Or are you dealing with your own problems first, and then helping others deal with theirs? Did you know that God’s judgement – Jesus judgement – is first and foremost about helping you overcome sin?

When God looks at you he first of all sees a person he loves. Some one he loves deeply and faithfully. When he sees faults in us, he doesn’t condemn us, but sees an opportunity to deliver us from bondage, errors, and joy killing destructive sins.

Can you look at others and see their value and beauty? If not, it’s your eyes that have the problem. Take the plank out and see them as God does. Now if you happen to notice a problem they are struggling with you may be able to help them instead making things worse with criticism and condemnation!

If you want to figure out the ‘dogs and pearls’ bit try a few commentaries, and sit down with some one and think it over prayerfully. I’m still figuring it out myself!

Ask, Seek Knock: One of my all time favourite Scriptures. As a kid I took it way out of context whenever I lost something. I’d look and not give up, because, “Seek and you shall find.” And I often did find it because I didn’t give up. God is Good, and Jesus wants us to trust his Father and he does, for God, the Father, gives good gifts to us. And since God is like that, why not imitate him, and “do for others what you would want them to do for you”?

In the last part of this chapter Jesus gives a group of serious warnings – The great teaching to love one another is not just a suggestion. It is the only way to live.  It’s not just information, it’s meant to be applied. Doing this love thing is more important than prophesy and miracles. Knowing it and not doing it is worse than not knowing it at all!

We will see, as we go through the Gospels, that Jesus will give us everything we need to obey him through his Holy Spirit. But that’s later. Let’s let it sink in that he’s really serious about living out Godly love.

Jesus, we are hypocrites a lot of the time – being selfish, anxious and afraid. Then we go around condemning others instead of helping them. Have mercy on all of us, we really do fall short of perfect love. Since I can ask for any good thing, I ask you to cleanse me of all hypocrisy, and fill me with your perfect love.