The Gospels in 40 days Matthew 8

Matthew 8

Jesus heals many: Lepers are not supposed to approach people. ‘Clean’ people are not supposed to touch the ‘unclean.’ But Jesus is WILLING. This might be the first time this leper has felt a human touch for a very long time. We can’t always heal diseases, but we can bring company, comfort and compassion.  But Jesus brings the cure for this disease, and gives him back his family, his friends, his home.

Jesus is not just kind he is ABLE.  He gives a command and miles away a servant is healed. He heals a fever and, next thing you know, crowds gather and everyone is healed. It’s like all the love of God is poured out like a flood wherever Jesus goes.

The demon possessed men here in the Gadarenes is an amazing story. You might have missed that Jesus is not in Israel anymore. But the presence of a herd of pigs ought to remind you. Jesus is helping Gentiles – pagans. A religious reader might not be surprised that such people are full of demons, but they would be surprised that Jesus cares about “such people.”

Is there anything wrong in your life that needs this Saviour, who is willing and able to help where no one else can? Ask, Seek, Knock!

V 18-22 – The Cost of Discipleship: Now people are flocking to follow Jesus. Amazing things happen around him, and being a disciple sounds exciting. Jesus sounds a cautious word – it’s not a walk in the park. Putting Jesus first disrupts every part of your life. Don’t try to make something inoffensive of Jesus’ words to these two would-be disciples. His call really is ‘death’ to our former life. You’ve got to know that he is worth it.

Lord, we know from other places in Scripture that we can only follow you, if you fill us with your life and power. Come and make your home in me.