The Gospels in 40 days Matthew 10

Matthew 10

Jesus sends out the 12: The first thing here is that Jesus tod the disciples to pray that God would send more workers into the harvest. I’m sure they did pray. Next thing God sends them into the harvest. Are you ready to be the answer to your own prayers? When you pray that a friends would know the love of Christ – will you let God send you? When you pray for the lonely in Seniors’ homes will you let God send you?

The disciples are sent as trainees – they have never anything done this before. Jesus gives them specific instructions: Where to go what to preach, what to do, what to take, how to act.

In all the instruction, he conveys that God the provider is going with them: They don’t need extra supplies, they don’t need a PhD in healing ministry, they don’t need to call ahead for a room. God has got this. It’s rare that we have such confidence and yet, I’ve known many people who “walked by faith” with out any visible means of support on the path to which God called them, and they found God’s provision all along the way.

Jesus also tells them there will be trouble. Opposition and persecution. But, “Don’t be afraid of them.” It may be scant comfort to you that he implies that, even if they kill you, you need not fear!

Jesus makes a hard demand: anyone who puts anything, including their own life, above God’s Kingdom is mixed up. Only God can make life or death meaningful, only God can eternally preserve all the good things of earth, like moms and dad’s and children.

When we take up the cross we are not abandoning our loved ones. We are doing the most important part of serving them, by participating in God’s plan to bring as many as possible to his kingdom.

Finally Jesus reassures his disciples: they are precious to him. Any one who receives them receives him, any one who treats them right will receive a great reward.

Lord, Send workers into the harvest, send Me!