Pastors' Union Seeks First Contract


Dr. Miller,

Many years ago I submitted a redraft of the Articles of Faith, in an attempt to take a light hearted look at theological drift. Theological Digest was kind enough to publish it.  I just came across a “new Item” I created  four years ago, when I heard that the CAW was trying to organize clergy. I thought you might like the opportunity to reject it:


I just received another appeal from the CAW (Canadian Auto Workers Union) to join the union drive among the United Church of Canada Clergy. Seriously. And I ran across this bit that I wrote when I first heard about it in 2005. Today I can only add that if the CAW does for the United Church of Canada what it has done for the Auto Industry, would God be pleased or displeased?

Pastor's Union Seeks First Contract

Ottawa, Canada - Preachers, Pastors and Apostles United Local 0904 is considering expanding its current job action to secure its first contract. “Our work-to-rule campaign is having a huge effect,” insists Rev. Buster Hardcore. “We believe all our demands will be met once the full impact hits our communities.”

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An Open Letter Concerning Justice

Rockland Saint Andrew’s Pastoral Charge, a small but vital congregation in Eastern Ontario, just got served notice that they will be charged $55/month by the United Church of Canada for the privilege of being invoiced for their monthly Pensions and Benefits remittances.

Rockland employs one settled minister, who was recently moved from ½ salary to ¾ salary. It’s his partial pension and healthcare benefits cost (@ $790/month) that is the sole issue here.

A couple years ago, the General Council of the United Church passed a measure requiring all pastoral charges to enrol in the services of a large payroll company. The reasoning was that payroll was getting complicated and church treasurers couldn’t handle it any more.

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