Our beloved friend passed away June 4, 2015 just after 1:30 am. Lise had cerebral aneurysm three weeks previously,and, despite successful surgery, she suffered a subsequent stroke which led to further decline.

Her suffering has ended, and through Christ's grace we can trust in the promised resurrection in which she will enjoy eternally the presence of the Saviour she has loved so well in this life. 

Remember that Lise's blog, which she kept  until three weeks ago, is still on our website at www.rocklandchurch.ca/Lise . May her close walk with the Lord continue to encourage you.

I know that we will all continue to support Neil with our love, prayers and encouragement as he and his family adjust to their loss. Likewise, let me know if you desire prayer or encouragement as we go through this grief together.
Rev. Brian Wilkie.