As previously planned,  I went to Belmont church. Really friendly people. Worship team was amazing. Should have expected that in Nashville! Really warm tone, new - to - me songs plus familiar hymns with a slight twang 
Message was on 1 cor 14. And was part of a series, get this Evan Smith, on the ethos of Belmont church. The idea was that the experienced presence of the living God, not just the dissection of the idea of God, is a root aspiration of the church here. At the end of the service I was able to immediately pick up a cd of the message and another one of the worship music from the service. 
Meet up with Ben Knorr and we walked to Belmont U. What a beautiful campus! Talking while I walked through a gazebo on the way to registration and immediately marked it as a place for quartet practice. The roof forms a reflector to reinforce sounds as you pass through the centre. 
Our chorus is mostly in Potter Hall (Gryffindor! !) Nice bright, airy and air conditioned rooms. FOund the hall where our chorus will practice. It has three seconds reverb which made a lovely sound when a few of us sang, but it could be a trap for the chorus. Stayed and sang a few non-repertoire songs while Denis Laflamme played on a piano with, err, vintage tuning. Our small group massacred the lyrics to Piano man, crocodile rock and a few others before heading off campus for a beverage.