Potter HallAt registration it turns out Ben, at 17, needs a 'Supervisor' so I'm it. Chorus members filter in during the day. Seventh Heaven's bari, Andre Carriere, got bumped from the AC flight and was rerouted through LGA. Good thing I flew out on standby yesterday. Only major travel mishap is a guy who could not find his passport and will be delayed until Wednesday at the earliest. 
Evening General Session: Steve Armstrong of TNL taught and directed Ride the Chariot. Fixed a few notes and then 600 men and not a few women rang the hall like a bell. They will need to do some structural reassessment of the Massey Performing Arts Centre after we've sung for a week in there. 
An African American woman who is quite an activist in building community among children through music spoke passionately about our barbershop experience, its value for each of us personally and for the communities we can impact. A few of Her Met Singers taught the crowd a four part patter that was one of the first songs I quartetted with John S WilkieSteve Bangham, and the late Paul Tamblyn. 'Won't You Play a Simple Melody' brings back some sweet memories, personally reinforcing her message about the autobiographical sound track that is imprinted on our lives by singing. 
Had Ice Cream sang some crazy tags and went to bed.