Yeah, the tiredness sets in. 
The day started innocuously enough, Andy Young sleeping in. Next thing I know Judy Panter is called to the principal's office out of our vocal techniques class to give Andy a ride to the hospital. Turns out atrial fibrillation - there are a lot of atriums on campus and Andy must have told a falsehood in one - got his heart going at 50,000 BEATS PER MINUTE ( I forget the exact number) which is much too fast for a ballad. 
Andy tells us that atrial fibrillation is much less serious than perjury so I'm taking a light tone with this. Turns out Andy is not going to die, so guys, please return his stuff to his room. 
After two amazing days of progress in chorus today felt a little slow but I was mostly expecting that. A) I was tired and wasn't bringing my A game. I would guess I wasn't the only one. B) we have gotten into what Latin scholars call ' the nitty gritty'. Latin is such an expressive language which we should illstay eachtay inay oolschay, ehay?
Nevertheless we made progress. Emoting at the best of times is tough for our chorus. Expressing passion on sore feet while singing bar two the ninety second time on much too little sleep is a hard victory, yet it was achieved by General Carlos and the 39 men of the Capital City Chorus Commando division in the afternoon of whatever day this was, 2014. (I actually can't confirm the commando designation. I had MY briefs on. ) 
The evening brought some great rhythm work by Kirk Young, whose son, Connor, I met just earlier that day. Kirk helped us find the strongest ever rhythmic performance of our up tune. The triplet timing of Love Me transfers to the ballad Cohen's Hallelujah, so two birds and all that. 
The 10 pm gospel sing was, by and large a clinic in abandoning good vocal technique, but was a very fun time. Papa's friends brought a top notch rendition of SSWT and some beautiful blue shirts to the mix, while the only other performance, Motet, sang a beautiful medley of unfamiliar hymns (Possibly from the LDS tradition.) any quartet that can sing that well while still not off tablet (smartphone, paper, whatever) needs to be taken out and stoned for contributing to covetousness. JK, I think. 
BTW, Dad's new quartet with Richard Frennette, Bill Vermue and Bruce Marchant: it's called On-Q. Tell me when you get it. Hint Richard is from Montreal.
Need to head off to General session. I skipped breakfast to write this update. Ok, Truth is I slept in. I don't want to catch this fibrillation thing.