Today was shaping up to be just another day at Harmony U. We got the great news that Andy Young was being discharged from the hospital. We're looking forward to seeing him on Friday. The morning was uneventful. Lunch was much appreciated after missing breakfast. And I can't overstate the enjoyment of meeting amazing people at every meal. Today it was Roger Lewis a former BHS president. Someone told me who he was after lunch. Somehow it just didn't come up in conversation. 
The afternoon was just another day of the chorus bringing their A game. Yes we're tired but yes we're still drinking from the fire hose. Gary Steincamp and Brent Graham continued to help us connect phrases together and help keep the song moving forward. Gary helped us realize that we CAN combine the particular things judges want to see/hear with the goal of entertaining our audience, but that we have to think about HOW to combine both goals. 
Brent let Teresa ?? (From Nova Scotia and a top three presentation specialist in women's barbershop) teach on breathing: the urgency breath, which moves us into the next phrase, and the intimacy breath, which anticipates the emotion of the next phrase. Every breath in the song plan should serve the presentation of the song. We singers only breathe for the audience's sake. Our physical need doesn't even rate.  
The Tune It Or Die class was its ordinary mind blowing revelation about harmony: the way that every tone contains harmony within its overtones. Specifically the barbershop seventh! 
Brain overloaded with new stuff, so just another day at Harmony U, right? 
Then I met Steven Cornwell. Steven is learning a form of throat singing ( I'd say he's mastered it, but I defer to his humility. ) listen to him sing heart of my heart: 
Does that blow your mind? Steven is looking for three others to throat sing in four part harmony. Start practicing today. I'll be posting a clip of his instructions soon. 
The day ended, for me, with the barbershop bash -a barbeque and show with quartets and a First Timers Chorus contest. The Gold Ribbon Chorus was best, but I guess that since we already had a gold ribbon they gave first place to the Green Ribbon Chorus. They clearly needed the encouragement.
Buses took most of Harmony U To downtown Nashville for a free evening. I used my freedom to sleep. Have another listen to that throat singing.
No doubt Friday will be just another day at Harmony U.