Today is show day as the Parade of Quartets showcases the quartets and choruses that have been coached at Harmony U. 
We skipped General Session to work on our choreography package with General Carlos. I've got to admit that I am very confused as to which moves are in and which are out. We're on version 3.45.6a (rev2) I think. This is normal and expected but still overwhelming. Key thing is to put overwhelmed in your back pocket and take it out again when you have time. 
I got personal coaching from the vocal techniques class singing 'All the Diamonds' by Bruce Cockburn. Key of E cause it's Friday. I remembered to keep my chin down, breathe, sustain tone to the full length of the phrase, keep the low notes light and in the same resonant space as the higher ones. I was commended on expressiveness, richness of tone and the undertones some people heard in my voice. Then the instructor taught me the value of singing one phrase with a lean toward an 'ah' vowel and the next with an 'ay' space behind every vowel. And I actually understood what he was saying. So I sang it with that in mind and it really did improve the sound even though some other technique stuff fell off the overloaded cart. Putting the whole package together is, to use a common phrase around here, like riding a unicycle while singing baritone, juggling flaming batons through a rugby scrum, while changing a baby and fending off a shark. It's a very common expression. I'm surprised you haven't heard it. 
The afternoon was more of the same at chorus level. Breathing breakthroughs, expressiveness. A very moving inspiration for our interpretation of hallelujah. Kirk actually caused me to entirely reinterpret Cohen's second verse. But everything added to the cart is causing something else to fall off. Harmony U Is the start of a journey not the end. I'm having sync problems, tuning and movement and expression problems by the score (see what I did there?). There will be much to consolidate into my normal automatic singing over the next months. I am aware of my voice and presence in aspects that I never saw before. So much to attend to and still a song that needs to be sung, a story that needs to be told. 
On Friday evening we did our part in putting on a fantastic show. I think we all felt the thousand opportunities we missed but we need to step back and look at the product we presented. I have, and it was great. And it will be even better by contest. 
I'm missing a session right now so I'm going to sign off and get overwhelmed again. What a great week.