A very relaxed day. 
We spent some time recapping the week, both from a chorus development perspective (leadership track) and from a musical aspect. Really good feedback from the chorus. 
Then we went to the rotunda of the Law building and sang. And sang. And sang. Great spot. We got lots of recordings of chorus and Papa's Friends. 
Our tune it or die teacher, Jay Dougherty proved that humans perceive undertones. He was using an old Mac program. it was very cool. 
Sang a bunch with the quartet and then settled in for the Saturday show. And what a show: Honors Chorus, directors' chorus, Brigade chorus, next gen male chorus, and young women in harmony chorus. Great quartets including Shoptimus Prime, Master piece, the Academy, TNS, an amazing women's Quartet (they had six on stage: two singers were 'with child') they proved that women's barbershop doesn't need to generate overtones, they can just reach up and sing them directly. Seriously they had an unbelievable range and rang the chords wonderfully. Their dramatic and funny take on 'turn the radio on' was also a stellar performance. Masterpiece featured their bass on Old Man River. What a rich smooth and deep voice he has. 
The show include lunch break who did a hilarious set, including a Mad Lib version of my wild irish rose. 
Can't find the words to describe the two youth choruses. The young women had us rolling on the aisles while maintaining impeccable sound. The guys had a precision and expressiveness that most experienced chorus would give their right arm for. 
Ended the night and the week singing a tag with Shoptimus, who are really sounding great right now. Then I sang with some guys from the chorus till 1:00 am. 
Harmony U Is really worth the trip to Nashville. But plan on spending a couple extra days off you want to see Nashville itself. The days and nights are so packed with things you don't want to miss they you will not get more than a block of Belmont's beautiful campus. 
I have to plug the Sing Canada foundation. The campus was full of people old and young who were able to be there with Sing Canada grants. You can help them nurture great singing through their grant program. The community you help may be your own!