Hung out in the airport all day. If that sounds bad to you, you are not a barbershopper. At gate C14 the crowd waiting to get back to Ottawa sang a bunch of General session charts, (quietly, respectful of the non barbershoppers around us.) We gathered a crowd of listeners and drew barbershoppers away from other gates. At the end of the impromptu concert I told the audience about so they could find a chapter near them. Then we were approached by a guy who wanted to videotape us and share it with his business clients, an email list of over two thousand. So we sang Love Me the best we could and promoted the BHS website and the Capital City Chorus.
Through the afternoon I ran into clusters of barbershoppers looking for a lead or a bass, etc. and we sang a few polecats (barbershop standards) whenever we met. A little nap at the gate and a little tension as the flight filled up. But the agents at the gate were great and wanted to be sure we got on the plane. Whether that was to thank us for the music or to get peace and quiet, the reader can only guess. Back in Canada as I post this addendum. It's great to be a barbershopper!