I started the day today in a familiar place of discouragement and depression, and when I say, "Started," I mean I wasn't out of bed yet, and was trying to talk myself into getting up. Maybe you've been there.

Anyhow, I got up and opened the curtains, and sat down in front of the bright winter sun, and started praying. My prayers went in a slightly unusual direction, which proved to be a very good thing.

I prayed to God, and thought about all the problems He had on His plate, what with the sin of the world and all that. Much bigger than my issues. So I prayed that God would have a good day.

"God, I pray that you have a great day, that you'll be able to enjoy the people and things you love. I pray that You'll have a chance to rejoice in hungry people getting fed, and sick people being healed. I pray that people who've been running away from You will turn to You and find comfort, joy and peace.

"I want You to have a great day, pouring out Your love on the world, rescuing people from sin, comforting those who mourn. I pray You'll have the joy of blessing the poor with the kingdom of heaven, giving the meek their inheritance, giving righteousness to those who have hungered and thirsted for it. I pray You'll find merciful souls everywhere You look, and that You will gaze at the wonder in the eyes of the pure in heart as they stare back, awestruck, into Your wondrous face. I pray You'll find millions of peacemakers to call Your sons and daughters.

"I pray that those who are persecuted and mocked and insulted for Your sake will have You bursting with pride at their faithfulness, their testimony and their love, even for those who persecute them. I pray you'll do wonderful things to reward them, and use their sacrifices for your good purposes.

"Lord, have a great day! Afflict both rich and poor with radical generosity, enjoy as the seeds You have planted in hearts around the world blossom into faith, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

"Father, may Your Son be glorified! I pray that today, the blood of Jesus would set many hearts free from guilt and sin, and deliver those in bondage to sin into the freedom of Your holy love: that the prize He sought with His very life, the joy of salvation, would celebrated in heaven and on earth with loud shouts and songs of praise.

"Pour out Your Holy Spirit on young and old, sons and daughters, Your servants, both men and women, fill them with dreams and visions, give them Your word, Your love, Your health. Go for it! Have a ball! Restore beauty and goodness and godliness and laughter.

"Lord, it does my soul good to think of the things that make You happy. I can know that in praying these things, I am praying, as Jesus taught 'Honored be Your name! Your kingdom come! Your will be done on earth as in heaven.'

"Have a great day, God! And thank you for who you are."