"Darn it!" If you hear me say it under my breath, thinking I was keeping my thoughts to myself, you may conclude that I have rather insipid curses. 

But you'd be wrong on both points. It's not a curse, it's a blessing and a prayer. No one darns socks anymore - even if you know how, it doesn't seem worth the effort. New socks are cheap, old socks are trash. Sure go ahead and fill our dumps with old socks. They're already filled with old electronics, old appliances, worn furniture, broken toys. No one gives a darn for anything anymore. Just replace it with something newer. Darn it. 

It's not insipid, it is daring! IT is countercultural and it is amazingly wonderful when the blessing comes.

No one gives a darn for people anymore. A politician falls, and we laugh, a religious leader sins and we curse, relationships fail and we move on.  Darn it.

God is a whiz with kniting things back together, turning crisis into growth, dung into crops, broken people into 'better than new.' God gives a darn.

Did you know that in Christ you are a new creation? Not swept up with the garbage, abandoned to the grave, but renewed, set right, restored, strengthened, equipped, re-employed into the family business of 'giving a darn.'

Did you know that in Christ troubles and hardships are transformed into training and blessing? That God doesn't waste even our stupidest folly, but teaches us wisdom, humiliity and grace? 

I don't ask for troubles, "Lead me not into testing," But when they come, on a good day I pray, "Darn it!

I steer as clear as I can from all sin, but when I drive into that ditch, I cry, "DARN IT!"

When I've been hurt by a friend or enemy, I say, "Darn it!"

And when I see a precious child of the Most High, beloved but broken, alone and hurting, I plead, "Darn it!"

And He does. 

And he teaches me to do likewise.