Luke 15

Seeking the Lost:

Rejoicing: The idea of this section is to think on the character and being of God, as revealed in these Scriptures. Every truth about God is praiseworthy: What are the characteristics of God that you see in these parables of seeking the lost?

Thanking: have you ever lost something and then found it again? What about you? Every Christian know they were once enemies of God, but are now friends, “I once was lost, but now an found, was blind but know I see.

Confession: feeling lost? Have you turned away from God? Do you need to ask God to help you back onto the right path?

Asking: Has a friendship drifted away? Has someone you know lost sight of God? Pray for restoration!

Read the chapter again, praying for the one who lost something precious, for the sheep, or the son that was lost, and for the older brother, who was so angry. Do you see how God suffers at the thought of losing you? Do you see how Jesus went out looking for you, no matter how difficult and dark his path?