Luke 16

The Shrewd Manager:

Rejoicing: God loves people more than anything: He doesn’t seek riches, or power, or fame – he seeks us.

Thanks: God has given us treasures – which we can use for eternal purposes. Like the shrewd manager who used his money to gain friends who would take care of him after he was fired, the good we do for God shows that we have friends in high places: the highest place, Heaven! What material blessings are you thankful for? If you have had the opportunity to give help to another, you can give thanks for that!

Confession: How much of our wealth do we use for eternal purposes? Do we think our comfort here is more important than pleasing God and serving the least of his children? God does forgive, and he will change our hearts if we ask him.

Asking: Is there anyone who is wasting their life on fleeting wealth and pleasure? Pray fro them that they may seek the things that last forever!

The Rich man and Lazarus:

Rejoicing: God is just, and his judgement is right. The rich man could have changed his heart and cared for the poor, but even in ‘hell’ he only thinks getting the poor man to sere his needs, and at the very best he thinks only of his own family. Jesus draws a picture of a man deserving hell, to warn us, even the richest of us. God is great in mercy, not wanting any to perish! How simple to turn to him and be saved, changed and filled with his holy love.

Thanks: for the many who suffer in this life, yet have hope of life everlasting. Thanks for the warnings that turn us from evil.

Confession: Jesus makes it clear that neglecting ‘the least’ of our neighbours is like neglecting him. Is their any lack of compassion that you regret? Trust in God’s mercy for forgiveness, and ask him to increase your compassion.

Asking: After reading this story can you think of any needy people that need help? Can you think of any heartless people that need to be turned from their ways?