Luke 17

The Duty to Forgive:

Rejoicing: Lord, since sin kills and destroys, we are glad that you oppose all sin. Since we ourselves have sinned, we are glad that you forgive sin “7 times 70.”

Thanks: We have been forgiven so many times, so we are hugely thankful. Thank  you that you cut through our excuses, and call us to obey. We have faith enough to know that what you teach is true.

Confession: I am eager to be forgiven, but I find myself resenting those who have sinned against me. It is not faith I lack- for I believe your word. I lack obedience in this matter. Cleanse me of the sin of unforgiveness, and teach me to love even my enemies.

Asking: Forgive the sins of those who have sinned against me. Forgive them and lead them in your path of love and everlasting life!

The Gratitude of One Leper:

Praise: You healed all the lepers, the one who returned to give thanks and those who didn’t. You loved the foreigner as much as the Israelites.  You honoured him in front of people who despised him. You are good and kind beyond measure.

Thanks: Thank you! I do thank you. I remember your kindness to me, your help through out my life. Keep me thankful even when trouble surrounds me, for you have helped me in my past and will do so again!

Confession: In all you goodness to me I have forgotten much, and not even noticed your blessing at other times. Forgive my ingratitude, and open my eyes to all the kindnesses I was unaware of.

Asking: (person) seems to remember only troubles: remind them of your love, and replace their burden of bitterness with joyful memories. (Person) needs help, healing; (person) needs to know that they are a friend to you, and not a foreigner.

The Sudden Coming of the Kingdom:

Praise: You will return and surprise us all! You give us warning that you will come without warning! You know how to keep us on our toes! But first you suffered and were rejected, because you love us, and want us to be saved. You made no secret of your love. May we praise and honour you with every thing we do – Then we will be living well no matter when you return!

Thanks: Lord I am thankful that I don’t know when you will return bodily. Everyday holds the joyful prospect of seeing you. Even so, everyday you are with me by your Holy Spirit. I have the best of both worlds.

Confession: You know my laziness: I’m not always paying attention to your ways. Forgive me: when I stray from you I miss out on the joy you bring. When I live for myself I waste my life, but when I live for you I get to bless others all the time. I’d be a lot wiser if I were free from self.

Asking: May (person) enjoy a life of full readiness, serving and following you! May (person) know how much of a difference they have made in my life by being a blessing to others.