Luke 18:

Effective Prayer (v1-17)

Praise: You hear the prayers of your people and you are eager to bring justice! You hear the prayers of the humble, and are eager to give mercy! You welcome the little children to run into your arms without fear or hesitation! Make me like a little child, eager to come to you, what ever I need.!

Thank you: You have heard my prayers. I don’t always notice when you answer, but I do remember some of the blessing I’ve received. Help me remember more! Thank you that, although I don’t always ask for the right thing, you always do the right thing. Give me wisdom to seek the things that are good in your eyes.

Confession: Lord, if I have ever rejoiced at the humiliation of others, like that Pharisee (and I have), please forgive me. Make me humble like a child, and give me deep compassion for people even when I know their sins.

Asking: The world is full of desperate oppressed people crying out for justice, and broken fallen people crying out for mercy. Hear our cry and answer from heaven!

Following the Road of Sacrifice (v18-34)

Praise: Even as you called the rich ruler to give up everything for the kingdom of God, you set your face to Jerusalem, where you would give up everything for him. By your example you are worthy of every sacrifice. Nothing we ‘lose’ in this life can compare to having you as our Lord, our Saviour, our Life and our Joy. For you are Good and your steadfast love endures forever!

Thanks: Jesus, we could thank you that we are rich- we have more than we need materially! Yet we also thank you that you have made it possible for us to follow you, and to count all things as lost in order to gain you. We wouldn’t have the strength to surrender all things to you, if you had not made the impossible possible. Thank you for patiently training us to trust you and love you more than any other person or thing.

Confession: What we have left behind for you, we sometimes take up again. Keep us faithful to you, and free us from wanting useless stuff more than we want you. Keep us from fearing death. or anything else. more than we would fear losing you.

Asking: Pray for those who are having trouble with anxiety, who are letting love of money get in the way of their calling, who are letting their fears keep them from enjoying life in Jesus.

The Blind Beggar:

Rejoicing: Lord, you love everyone! You notice people everyone else ignores. By your power you heal them and treat them as friends. We rejoice that your love for us is not based on our ability or popularity, but it is based on your generous heart! No matter who we are, you remain the God who loves!

Thanks: Thank you for healing that beggar. Thank you for having mercy on him. Thank you that I can see you more clearly each day through the Scriptures you have given. I have received mercy, just like that fortunate blind man!

Confession: The crowd ignored the needy man. Keep me from such sin. Help me treat each person with respect and compassion. Deliver me from sin, and lead me to behave like you.

Asking: Heal today, Lord, as you did then. Many need your help who are alone in their homes, retirement residences, hospitals and hospices. Send us to be agents of your compassion.