Luke 21

The Widows Offering (v1-4)

Praise: You see the love in the hearts of your people. You honour the lowly, but those who exalt themselves you humble. Your eyes saw the lowly widow, and your heart went out to her. You are The God of Love, you are the Father to the orphan, and Husband to the widow. You are Glorious in your humility.

Thanks: I know now that your eyes see me. I know that though I am far from perfect, you notice how faith is growing and persevering in me. You know that my love for you is growing, and you build me up, rather than tear me down.

Confession: my confession is the same as my thanks: you’ve been good to me, and loved me beyond my worth. I live by your kindness, and your provision. May my love for you grow until I too want nothing more than to give you everything I am.

Asking: Speak to (person) who is downtrodden, and feels of little worth. Show them your love and how you rejoice in them.

Signs of the End (v5ff.)

Praise: You Jesus, know the future, even though the Father did not reveal to you the day and hour of your return. You have seen all the troubles your people would face, and you know that these troubles can not overcome your saving power. Help us now to trust you in trouble, for you have overcome the world.

Thanks: You’ve already brought me through many troubles. Some seem small now that I am older, but then they were huge and frightening. Help me see our current troubles in the same light.

Confession: We have not always been careful, and our hearts have been weighed down in times of trouble, and in times of boredom. “dissipation, drunkenness and the anxieties of life: various sins have had their power over me. Forgive me, and set me free from the traps I have so willingly entered.

Asking: Let your Word guard the hearts of all people in these troubled times.