One of our great concerns in our faith in Jesus Christ is to love our neighbour - even, should we have any, our enemies. Somewhere between neighbours and enemies perhaps, our opponents are included.  By failing to discipline Gretta Vosper we have failed to love one, and perhaps many, of our opponents.

Sometimes it is eerie silence that calls someone out of deep sleep. No birds, no wind,  no whispered conversations from another room. Silence itself can be a warning that things are worse than you knew. Here it is, 2019, fully two months since the “United” “Church” of Canada, through Toronto Conference, refused to discipline an “Ordained” “Minister” for proclaiming atheism in the place of faith. Go to West Hill “United” “Church” and you will hear the sounds of silence: no Scripture, no hymns, no prayers.

I just got a mailing from the Newly established Office of Vocation in the Untied Corp of Canada (AKA The “United” “Church” of Canada, or “the organisation formerly known as Church”) describing its formation, structure and responsibilities. Even before reading it, I knew that it has one duty that must come before all others. It’s got to find a better name.

We can’t keep calling it the Office of Vocation, because Vocation means ‘calling’ and requires that the persons under their supervision are called by God

TO: My Collaborators in the United Church (Confidential)

RE: Why we must keep atheists in our pulpits. (An Imaginary Memo)

You may have heard objections to the Toronto Conference (TC) settlement with an aggressively atheist pastor. It is suggested that TC settled to save the cost of litigation and it is wise to maintain this façade. No one can know the real reason for the settlement, since TC wisely sealed it in a non-disclosure agreement.

The anger generated by this decision – its lack of transparency, its defiance of the Conference Interview Board recommendation, its disregard for the  place of God in the very definition of church – this anger is to our benefit.

It has been rightly observed that any financial savings the national church experiences through avoiding this litigation will be negated by the loss of membership from congregations, and resultant loss of income. Don’t worry: that’s the congregations’ problem, not ours.

We will ultimately benefit from this outcome.


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