As Federal and Provincial Authorities loosen lock-down restrictions, the Church Board is considering the safest and most helpful ways to broaden our church's ministry. We want to be sure that worshippers can be safe, comfortable, and engaged. Some of the considerations that we must take into account are:

  • the age of our congregation - we have a lot of senior citizens in our midst, who are vulnerable to COVID-19
  • the health of our congregation - we are, and we minister to a number of people whose health conditions make them more vulnerable.
  • Singing - unfortunately, one of the things people miss most will be the hardest to restore - congregational singing. COVID-19 has a history of spreading easily during singing events.
  • length of exposure - Safe distancing and mask use are most effective for short interactions, not hour long services. Additionally we do not have sufficient staff to sanitise the bathrooms between uses. 

The result is that we will continue with online services, even when the building is opened up, to accommodate the more vulnerable people, and we will not open up the building until we have proven ways to make the experience safe and enjoyable. 

Stay tuned, as we will update this information regularly.