February 9 Serving 5 - 6:30 p.m

St. Andrew’s Christian Church  Pangborn Hall 

739 Saint Jean Street, Rockland

Pancakes, Ham, Sausages & Beans,Tea and coffee and dessert

Adult - $10 *** Child under 12 - $5 *** Family - $25

Bring your appetite, Everyone Welcome!

To reserve or purchase tickets contact: 

Ray Lebeau 613-875-2125 or Jacquie Hawken 613-296-2642

A Feast before Lent Begins!


On Tuesday, October 21, 2014, a team from Presbytery will visit for a sort of Health Check for our congregation. They will meet with our staff first, then with the Personnel Committee, and then with the congregation. The time for the Congregational meeting is 7:00pm.

Our friend Rev. Kathryn Peate, Chair of Pastoral Oversight sent the following list of questions, and this preface:

Attached are the questions that PC&O will be asking when we come visit your church.  Hopefully nothing is threatening - it's certainly not meant to be :)  Since the list of questions for the council/board/congregation is lengthy, my hope is that the PC&O team leader will shorten the list for time's sake.

Pastoral Care and Oversight Committee Questions for Ministry Site

Presbytery:  Ottawa

Ministry Site: St Andrew’s Rockland

Date of Visit: October 21, 2014

1. Think about your church's life over the past three years. Please tell us about some of the good memories from that time.

June 8, 2014 will be a special Sunday at Rockland St. Andrew's.  Our Events team has prepared a Strawberry Social, a light lunch capped by Strawberry Shortcake. Joining us for both the regular worship service and the Strawberry Social will be the Gospel Quartet, 7th Heaven, to both inspire and entertain. 

It also happens to be the 80th (!!!) birthday of Rev. Neil Baxter, our retired associate pastor, so we are celebrating that occasion as well. It's intended to be a surprise for Neil. (We are assured by Lise that Neil does not check the internet.)

Neil will be preaching at our 10:00 Worship, and the Strawberry Social will begin after that. The entertainment will begin at 1:00 to allow time for our friends from neighbouring churches to come and join us.

The Parade handouts just arrived!!! we're getting ready for a weekend of fun and feasting: 
Saturday 9:00am Men's Breakfast, 
Saturday 6:00pm Sts Andrew and Edith Stein ladies potluck
Sunday 4:00 pm parade (come help hand out flyers!)
Sunday about 6:00pm - a hot dinner to warm up after the parade. (Feel free to come out even if you miss the parade. Pot luck)

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