This week our congregation has suffered two losses, as Beulah Cameron died on November 12, less than two months short of her 100th birthday. Another of our congregation lost his mother on Sunday the 15.

We will worship God as we mourn with the Cameron family on Wednesday, November 18, at 1:00 at the church. . Betty Douglas' funeral will take place on Thursday in Kingston. Please pray for God's comfort for our friends who mourn. We are so thankful for the hope that we have in Jesus' promise of eternal life by his grace.

Shrove Tuesday is also celebrated as Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, a day when Christians prepared dishes such as pancakes to use up all the fat in their larder before the fasting period of Lent. Our Sunday School is preparing decorations for our Pancake Dinner.  See you there! 





February 9 Serving 5 - 6:30 p.m

St. Andrew’s Christian Church  Pangborn Hall 

739 Saint Jean Street, Rockland

Pancakes, Ham, Sausages & Beans,Tea and coffee and dessert

Adult - $10 *** Child under 12 - $5 *** Family - $25

Bring your appetite, Everyone Welcome!

To reserve or purchase tickets contact: 

Ray Lebeau 613-875-2125 or Jacquie Hawken 613-296-2642

A Feast before Lent Begins!


On Tuesday, October 21, 2014, a team from Presbytery will visit for a sort of Health Check for our congregation. They will meet with our staff first, then with the Personnel Committee, and then with the congregation. The time for the Congregational meeting is 7:00pm.

Our friend Rev. Kathryn Peate, Chair of Pastoral Oversight sent the following list of questions, and this preface:

Attached are the questions that PC&O will be asking when we come visit your church.  Hopefully nothing is threatening - it's certainly not meant to be :)  Since the list of questions for the council/board/congregation is lengthy, my hope is that the PC&O team leader will shorten the list for time's sake.

Pastoral Care and Oversight Committee Questions for Ministry Site

Presbytery:  Ottawa

Ministry Site: St Andrew’s Rockland

Date of Visit: October 21, 2014

1. Think about your church's life over the past three years. Please tell us about some of the good memories from that time.


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