Meditation: (Exodus 27:9,10) The Enclosures for the Tent of the Lord’s Presence. “ For the Tent of My Presence, make an enclosure of fine linen curtains. On the south side, the curtains are to be 50 yards long, supported by 20 bronze posts in 20 bronze bases with hooks and rods made of silver.”

Personal Reflection and Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father: When I read these chapters, I find detailed descriptions and orders on how to do this and that. Although I sometimes find this tedious to read, I can’t help but appreciate that You are a God of details. In previous chapters, how powerful a God You are; You put to death mighty kings and their armies... But here, You are a God who defines all the minute details of the tent of the Lord’s Presence, down to the last inch! You are so awesome, God! We worship You! Amen.