I met 2 barbershoppers on the plane. Andrew from our chorus and Ben, a 17 year old lead from Regina.  He's participating in the next gen chorus. Ben and I took a walk down Broadway saw Mecca (the Barbershop Harmony Society headquarters [closed on Saturdays])
 the country and western hall of fame,  and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. All told it was six miles of walking in quite hot weather, just killing four hours until I could check into my hotel.  Still great to get to know Ben,  who is real musician.  Classical guitar, fiddle,  Lead/tenor,  composer and arranger.  Next Gen indeed!  

Also ran into Denis Laflamme and Aileen Carney downtown.  

I planned to go to Belmont Church at 5:00 for the acoustic service but after a shower my body refused to go out in the heat again.  So I'll take in one of the morning services.