We had a very active Lent, inviting the community in for  dinners  on Shrove Tuesday, Saint Patrick's Day, Palm Sunday, and our own worship/dinner at the Last Supper. 

In addition to the regular Sunday celebrations, we worshiped on Maunday Thursday (The Last Supper, previously mentioned) marched in holy procession with other regional churches on Good Friday morning's 'Way of the Cross,' and gathered on Friday afternoon for solemn worship focused on the great sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We've just had a great celebration of Christ's triumph over sin and death on Easter Morning.

In the midst of all this I went through a double bypass cardiac operation, and spent three weeks off recovering. I owe a ton of thanks to everyone for your prayers, your service, your pastoral care,  your stewardship, your work on dinners, music, worship services, testimonies, readings, children's stories, bible study leadership, your encouragement of one another, and your patience.  The cleaning, decorating, advertising, inviting, coordinating,. . . the list goes on. Your dedication to the mission of God is evident in all of this.

It is very important that the church depends, not on one person, such as a pastor, but on the work of Jesus Christ in the whole family of God.  Saint Andrew's is such a family. God has brought us to strong joyful and vibrant life. Praise be to God, that the very power that raised Jesus from the dead is at work in us!

Love you, Love him,