To be a Church, that is to be an organisation which is in some way distinct from a social club - the Lions, or Kiwanis, is to have some attribute, central to its life and character, regarding God. The Unitarians are not, from what I can see, an actual church in the normal meaning of the word, for no particular belief in God, nor any belief in God at all, is required. (Is it a philosophical fellowship?)
There has been lively debate about the faithfulness of the United Church for many decades.

Such debates are part of the immune system of every church - seeking to weed out falsehood and vice, while holding to truth and virtue. It is my opinion that the gradual adoption of modernist and postmodernist viewpoints, and the rejection of more and more biblical content and authority have weakened the United Church, calling its faithfulness to Jesus Christ into question. 
But through this all, there has been no doubt that it is, at least, still a church and - "although the visible Church may contain unworthy members and is liable to err" (Basis of Union, Article 2.19) - even a Christian Church, 
Something has changed though, with the shadowy "settlement" which has enabled a self proclaimed atheist to remain an "ordained" "minister" "called" to continue at West Hill United Church. "All outstanding issues," apparently. "have been settled."
General Council Executive, Toronto Conference and, above all, Gretta Vosper may be satisfied with this secret pact, but what of the congregations of Christian disciples worshipping God week after week in their parishes? These same parishioners are right now being asked to double their contributions to the head office, due to restructuring! It is like being asked to make bricks without straw for a company that no longer believes in its own existence.
This is the moment then, when the 'organisation formerly known as Church' became officially something else. It is not about God, or Jesus, or worship, or discipleship. It is not "United" in any meaningful way and it is not, HUMANLY speaking, "Church."
Ah hah! THERE is one outstanding issue. Humanly our organisation has shed the mantle of church, as though this "identity" was ours to do with what we please. From the divine perspective this was (or is) part of the Church of Jesus Christ - OF, not ABOUT. It is Jesus' church, His possession, for His Glory. What does God think about the cabal at the earthly head of this denominational structure that has decided that He is not needed? 
He could simply abandon it and leave it to wither off the vine as it is already doing so very well.
Or is it possible that He will look in pity on the many faithful congregations scattered across Canada? Lord, send a Moses to the Pharaohs of this "organisation formerly known as church" demanding that they "Let my People Go!"