It is not often in a church that we take the time to let our volunteers know how much they are appreciated. This is National Volunteer Week in Canada so it is a perfect time to say three cheers for volunteers that keep our churches going. Those that are volunteering their time now, and all those that put in so many hours in the past, making sure that their home church was all that God would want it to be.

  • Three cheers for the workers in the kitchen, slicing sandwiches, washing dishes, brewing coffee and tea, serving love on a platter of cookies and sweet loaf. 
  • Three cheers for those that make those delicious church suppers happen. Fun and fellowship as you fill hungry 
  • stomachs.
  • Three cheers to you gently caring, quietly sitting by the bedside of a friend who no longer remembers your name; you care; you come with your gift of comfort and compassion. Those that send cards or bring cookies to those that are feeling down.
  • Three cheers for the choir that makes the worship service so memorable, by hitting all the right notes.
  • The ushers and greeters and bulletin distributors with their shake of a hand and warm smile of welcome for everyone.
  • Three cheers for the unsung heroes of hammer and nail, bucket and mop.
  • Three cheers for our Sunday School teachers and Board members. All those that make sure the worship service runs smoothly from the warm smile of greeting when you enter the door to the friendly good­bye when you leave.
  • Three cheers for our new Events Committee, and everyone who makes special events happen, decorate the hall and the church so beautifully, raise extra funds so we can continue to support Missions, and Golden Lake, and our local high school scholarship program.
  • A special thank you to all those that quietly do so much to make such a difference in the life of your church. 
  • Three cheers for Brian and Neil, and all that they do and say, things that the congregation knows and sees, and things that only one other is deeply grateful for, one other here on earth. The Lord God is listening and around us always. May His Hands hold Brian and Neil gently and forever. 

Three cheers for you, all of you, children of God, celebrating life, living love, putting your faith into action.

(Adapted from a Presbytery Newsletter)