Did you know that a young 20-something missionary was led by God to donate the $700 camera we use for live streaming? Please Pray for Liam, whose been serving with YWAM for a few months now. he's been travelling to get home during this health crisis. I'm adding some links to the videos he's been making to show what God is up to in the mission field.

Taking a short term mission trip to Cambodia this summer has been a great opportunity for learning about God and his mission to transform people, including me. I want to thank Redeemer Alliance Church for organizing this trip, and allowing me to participate.

With three people from our family going to Cambodia, the first lesson was a refresher course in God’s providence.

For further updates on the Cambodia trip try : https://www.facebook.com/pages/RAC-Cambodia-2011/198191140213886 I'll try to update here on  www.rocklandchurch.ca as well.

See my "summer Vacation" Essay for a reflection on the trip. I still haven't completed the transfer of my "diary" of the trip to this article.

Day one, travel. My browsers on this Galaxy phone can't handle the website's richtext editor, so I'm resorting to typing in the html source. Don't expect any fancy formatting! Also, I'll write up day one later, when I have an actual keyboard under my fingers

Day Two, Initial Impressions.