Our Services will continue to be streamed through https://rocklandchurch.online.church and on Youtube at https://www.rocklandchurch.ca/LW . If you do not have good enough internet, we can call you - to connectyou with an audio only broadcast on your regular telephone. Call Brian at 613-277-6437. 


As we move toward full reopening in September, we have scheduled a number of "Drive-In"/ outdoor services at the church building.

This Sunday, July 4 is our first test of the FM Broadcast system, and your Wroship team spent a few hours yesterday making sure the sysem was working. Feel free to come out,

  • find a parking spot, and tune your FM radio to 90.3. Or
  • walk over with a lawn chair (Mom also recommends  sunscreen, hat and parasol) to join us, safely distanced on the lawn .

It's communion Sunday, so the elements will be distributed to everyone as they arrive. please have some bread and juice/wine ready at home if you are joining us online.

Should you wish to join us, please remember:

  • Wear a mask should you enter the church building
  • A Washroom will be reserved for emergency use only. please use your washroom at home before arriving. Access to the washroom will be through the back door of Pangborn Hall.
  • Bring your own Bible and water bottle/coffee with you.
  • According to Ontario regulation 263/20, amended June 29, 2021, singing may take place in your cars, or when separated by 3 meters (10 feet) from any people outside your household.  Though this is the indoor singing regulation, we will apply it to these outdoor gatherings for extra caution.

The Schedule of future Drive in Services is:

  • July 18
  • July 25
  • August 22
  • August 29

We may add other dates if these prove to be productive and uplifting for our church

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