As war continues in Ukraine we are very concerned for the well being of refugees from the conflict.

We've been following the efforts of Youth with a Mission (YWAM) personnel, including Dasha, who are feeding refugees and ferrying them to the border safely. To find our more about their efforts and Support YWAM in the Ukraine visit YWAM Pray-for-Ukraine. For Tax deductible Canadian Donations to YWAM Slavice ministries go to Charitable Impact. (I have been using this site to support a YWAM worker for several years.)

The United Church of Canada also has launched an appeal to support its mission partners in Ukraine for more information and to make donations go to UCC Ukraine Crisis.

You can always designate part of your offering to any of the mission organizations we support, and marking your envelope $xx Ukraine YWAM or $xx Ukraine UCC will work, however if you use the links above, your money will get to work faster, as we must forward our donations by mailing cheques on a monthly basis.